Fencing options by Acer Property Services

Property boundary fencing can be created from many alternative options.

Below are just two alternative systems.

Panels and concrete posts are extremely popular, but concrete posts can sometimes be a little overpowering  in certain situations.

However this design does offer the oportunity of simple panel replacement if required 

Rear fence for web bothwell


An alternative to post and panels is the construction of a close boarded fence.

As you can see below it's flexible design enables it to be constructed on any elevation with very little trouble, it can also offer a more asthetic alternative in certain situations and be more pleasing to the eye.

Bothwell front for web 2

 Many people get concerned at the life expectancy of wooden posts, however with  modern pressure treatment, timber posts from a reputable supplier will have an expected 15 year  life span

Bothwell front for web