Patios by Acer Property Services.

Here we show a small selection of pictures of patios that we have constructed.

It is important to stress that laying the slabs is the easy part, like building a house the most important part is the base.

All our  patios are laid on a compacted base of  Type 1, or  Mendip stone.

Slabs are bedded on a sand / cement base and all joints are flush pointed by hand,

not simply filled with a dry mix and wetted out. 

paul for web 1


  paul for web 2

As you can see patios can be constructed in any elevation either above or below ground level.

elliot for web 1

The addition of handrails and other woodwork features can transform designs

elliot for web 2

cowburn for web 1

 A simple staightforward design made more appealing by using
and three slab random pattern, and eliminating a pavement feel.

This a patio constructed for Mr Ward from a cut natural stone.

The patio was to be on three different levels with steps giving access to all areas.

Ward site1


The retaining walls were built to look like a dry stone construction

Ward site 2


This shot shows the three levels

Ward site3


The smallest area from above.

ward site 4

Steps giving three level access

ward site 5